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Explanation of each line of the poem The Brook By Alfred Lord Tennyson?


  1. I come from haunts of coot and hern.- The brook starts from a place the coots (a kind of duck) & herns (commonly known as herons) spend most of their times. I make a sudden sally,-The brook suddenly rushes down.

    And sparkle out among the fern,-As the brook flows it sparkles because of sun rays, and it flows through a ground which mostly have grasses and flowerless plants (ferns).

    To bicker down a valley.-The brook flows down a valley making noisy sounds.

    By thirty hills I hurry down,-Here the brook swiftly flows down many hills. There are not literally 'Thirty hills' but the poet make's the line creative by using 'Thirty' and not 'many'.

    Or slip between the ridges,-The brook 'slips'(quickly moves) between long narrow hilltops.

    By twenty thorps, a little town,-The brook flows down past many villages (Thorp-Old word for village) - again the poet tries to make the line creative by using 'Twenty' - 'Twenty villages' and a little town as well.

    And half a hundred bridges.-The brook flows and passes by/through many bridges-not literally 'Half a hundred' bridges.

    Till last by Philip's farm I flow-The brook flows by a farm probably owned by a man named Philip.

    To join the brimming river,-After the farm the brook flows to join a overflowing river.

    For men may come and men may go, But I go on forever. Men/people have a short life spam but the brook is immortal so it has a longer life spam and hence goes on 'forever'.

  2. I chatter over stony ways, In little sharps and trebles, -As the brook flows it chatters (makes an interesting and musical sound) over a stony creek bed.

    I bubble into eddying bays, -When the brook flows backward it 'pushes' the air and makes bubbles.

    I babble on the pebbles, -As the brook moves it makes sound because of the pebbles.

    With many a curve my banks I fret-The brook flows curvily because at one point the path curves and it wears away.

    By many a field and fallow,-The brook flows by many fields and bare places (fallows), probably the soil is infertile which is why the land is bare and no plants grow.

    And many a fairy foreland set, With willow-weed & mallow. -There are many pieces of land sticking out in the brook (called foreland) which have some plants such as 'Willow-weed & mallow'. Where colorful & bright birds, insects & butterflies come which look like fairies from far away.

    I chatter, chatter as I flow-The brook makes sound as it flows.

    To join the brimming river, The brook joins the river which is full to the brim.

    For men may come and men may go, The brook is saying that while humans are mortal and do not last a long time,.

    But I go on forever. the brook is perennial I wind about, and in and out, The brook meanders in and out with here a blossom sailing, and there are flowers (blossoms) floating on top of the brook. And here and there a lusty trout, There are also trouts (fish) found within the brook... And here and there a grayling, as well as graylings (European fish) And here and there a foamy flake There are also lakes found in the course of the brooks’ journey which are filled with foam Upon me, as I travel which occur along as the brook travels. With many a silver water-break

    with many breaks in the water which are silvery in colour Above the golden gravel, There are also pebbles found on the bed of the brook which are golden because they reflect the sun And draw them all along, and flow The brook takes them all along with it and flows To join the brimming river, to join the overflowing river.

    For men may come and men may go, It states that while men are immortal and hence keep coming and going, But I go on forever. the brook is perennial.

    I steal by lawns and grassy plots, The brook quietly goes by lawns and plots of grass I slide by hazel covers; The brook flows by hazel trees I move the sweet forget-me-nots In its course, the brook moves because of the flow of water forget-me-nots, generally That grow for happy lovers. given by happy lovers to one another so much that they seem to have grown especially for them..

    I slip, I slide, I gloom, I glance, The brook slips, slides, glooms and glances...

    Among my skimming swallows; among its own reaches which seperates solid objects from liquids I make the netted sunbeam dance The brook makes the rays of sunlight appear as if dancing Against my sandy shallows. Against the sandy shallow portions of the brook I murmur under moon and stars The brook also flows at night and makes a murmuring sound as it does so.

    In brambly wildernesses; It flows into the wilderness which is teeming with brambles I linger by my shingly bars; The brook spends a long time over its pebbly confines I loiter round my cresses; The brook moves idly around plants growing within the brook And out again I curve and flow And once again, the brook curves out and flows To join the brimming river, in order to join the overflowing river.

    For men may come and men may go, Men/people have a short life spam But I go on forever. but the brook is immortal so it has a longer life spam and hence goes on 'forever'.

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